Angelina Jolie, the soon to be bride of Mr. Brad Pitt is celebrating her 37th birthday today!

Looking at Angelina’s life, it’s easy to say that it’s both blessed and busy.

Taking a peak at her line of work in Hollywood, she has been given the best movie projects. It is true that she is most remembered by her dynamic character in Mr. and Mrs. Smith  where she partnered with Brad. Adding more items to her professional life, Angelina will be in Sleeping Beauty as Maleficent.

It is also noted that her life as a Goodwill Ambassador demands a chunk of her time as well. This, coupled with her life as a highly paid actress, a loving mother, and a future bride, Angelina is truly blessed and busy at 37.

She deserves all the good things that she has at present and we wish her more of these!