about Angelina Jolie

The World’s Most Beautiful Woman is a title given to Angelina Jolie.  With her many projects and other involvements outside Hollywood, the title fits her perfectly.  As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, she lives up to the name when she promotes humanitarian causes in those incomparable good looks!

For her first film, Jolie worked with her father Jon Voight. The film was called Lookin’ to Get Out. She was just seven when she worked on this project but her career started to peak when she landed her first leading role in a major film called Hackers. Angelina then merited the Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress with her work in Girl, Interrupted.

At present, Angelina is best known for her work in the Lara Croft sequel, Mr and Mrs. Smith, and Changeling. But she is also being cited for her directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey.

Angelina can indeed be many things and she surely is an awesome woman anyone can look up to. As a mother for six, she finds time for her career, her family, her fiancé; Brad and on top of it all, she finds the time to give back her blessings to the less fortunate.