A few days ago, Brad and Angelina have announced that they are engaged. A date has yet to be given as to when they will say their I Do’s but here are a few facts about their engagement.

1.       Their kids have pressured them into marriage.

2.       Robert Procop designed Angelina’s engagement ring.

 A wedding proposal has been expected by Brad and Angelina fans all over the world for a long time now. The pair first got together in 2005 for their Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie. Seven years later, they now have six kids together and they have become one of Hollywood’s power couples!

When they announced their relationship, the type of buzz that was created in Hollywood was inevitable. It wasn’t long after the finality of Brad’s divorce with Jennifer Aniston when he outed his relationship with his co-star;  Angelina. Because of this, Jennifer described Brad as someone who lacks a sensitive chip for moving on to another relationship as quick as he did and while their divorce is still a fresh and trending topic. Brad however, never looked back. Instead, he moved in with Angelina. They adopted kids together and had some of their own.

Now that the two are certain to walk down the aisle, talks about their past marriages cannot be avoided as well.

Neither parties are first timers when it comes to walking down the aisle and saying their vows and I Do’s. Brad was married to Jennifer for five years (2000-2005) making his marriage to Angelina his second. Angelina on the other hand will make her marriage with Brad her third as she was married to Lee Miller (1996-1999) and to Billy Bob Thorton (2000-2003) before. Though neither are a stranger to failed marriages, many are hoping that the Brangelina wedding will be the last for both.