It has been reported that Ashton Kutcher will be coming back for  Two and A Half Men’s tenth season. For this, he will be earning about $700,000 PER episode while co star Jon Cryer will get a little less than that  and young Angus Jones is set to receive $300,000 PER episode.

Ashton replaced Charlie Sheen after he was sacked from the show. He signed on a one year contract for Two and a Half Men, still making things uncertain if this is the last season for the show. But on the bright side, viewers have responded to his presence by upping its ratings. 

Kutcher admits to having a lot of fun working with the cast members. He also mentions the fact that the kind of deal he has is structured as a test deal. They’re all wondering if they can get the show up or continue to outperform its numbers before he became a part of the show. Kutcher will be basing his decision to stay on the show if he thinks and feels that people like the show and are wanting more of it.

The positive response to Kutcher’s presence in the show has been noted. In fact, the number of viewers for his first appearance was more than doubled when compared to the first episode of season eight in 2010. Kutcher continues to be happy for landing the role and thinks of it as though he won the lottery.  He has been congratulated over and over for getting the job and he has been receiving more phone calls about it more than he ever imagined.

Let’s hope that Kutcher will continue to turn things around for Two and A Half Men.