about eva mendes

Eva Mendes is an actress, model, singer, and designer. This star did not decide to be a part of Hollywood until a talent manager spotted her photo in a friend’s portfolio. She was born in Miami but later moved to Los Angeles after her parents got divorced. She later attended the California State University, Northridge to study Marketing but then, she dropped out because show business has found her.

She studied acting under Ivanna Chubbuck, a coach she hired after appearing in Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror. Eva wasn’t confident with her work in the project that she constantly squirmed while doing it. Well, those acting lessons did pay off as she starred in bigger roles after that. To mention a few, there’s Training Day where she played the wife of Denzel Washington. There’s also that movie in 2005 where  she played Sara Melas opposite Will Smith in Hitch.

Eva’s talent has been noted and she is expected to have bigger and better projects in the future. She has after all, high hopes for herself. Therefore, there will be developments in the fields she chooses to excel. However, the same things may not be said about her personal relationships especially with Ryan Gosling.  Though she has been dating him since September of 2011, Eva says that she does not want children  and describes marriage as an archaic kinda thing. She just does not think that it’s a fit for her current lifestyle. I hope this changes in the future especially when she decides to take things slow with her career.