about cory allan michael monteith

You wouldn’t think that perfect Finn Hudson in Glee! lead such a different life in the real world.

Cory’s parents divorced when he was only a kid. He did well in school during his early years but he dropped out as a teen. He started to live a troubled life and was in various alternative programs which help troubled teens. At that time, he had a drinking and drug addiction. But he decided to leave that life behind at 19 when his family forced him to go to rehab. According to his family, he was either headed to rehab or to prison if he refused to seek help.

Before becoming a singer and an actor, Cory had various jobs. To mention, he was  once a Wal-Mart people greeter, a taxi driver, a school bus driver, and a roofer!

It’s great that he chose to turn his life around and found his way to acting. Because of that, we now know him as cutie Finn Hudson in Glee!