about josh duhamel

Before attaining success in acting, Josh Duhamel was a fashion model. His modeling careers became vague when he did his project with All My Children as Leo du Pres. It was followed with Las Vegas, his project with NBC where he met his wife Fergie who made an appearance with the rest of the Black Eyed Peas. He did several movie projects including the Transformers box office hit and its sequels.

Josh tied the knot with Fergie in 2009. They had their wedding ceremony in Church Estates Vineyard in Malibu, California. They then decided to renew their vows just a year after their wedding but this time, they did it in Santa Barbara. At present, they are now living in a house they bought in 2007 at Brentwood.

Their marriage are working out perfectly well. They are one of Hollywood’s most adored couple.