Will Smith took a break from his acting career but it doesn’t mean that he’s been inactive in Hollywood. This Smith has certainly been doing a lot of things for his family especially for his children who has been making buzz in the business.


Will is acting  as his children’s mentor in show business but his children see him as a competition. Jaden Smith who starred with him in Pursuit of Happyness, thinks of his dad as meat. Across their dinner table, Jaden would look at him and say; “I’m coming for you. You have no idea!” 


Will promises his son that he’ll teach him everything he knows in the business but he tells him too that  he’s going to be the second biggest movie star in the world.  His other children, Willow and Trey are also coming up with some creative work that are also making news in the industry.

This is definitely something Will and his wife; Jada Pinkett-Smith can be very proud of.


Aside from being his kids coach in acting, Will has also focused some of his time and energy in producing movies. He played an essential role in producing the remake of The Karate Kid which also starred his son; Jaden. He found this project very interesting and informative.


When asked about his comeback to acting, he says he’ll be wearing shoes that fit because it’s been a while since he’s done it. He admits to the fact that he needs to warm up a little. But one thing is for sure, Will Smith will surely not disappoint as we see him take the lead role and produce his five next movies that is set to come out this Spring —Note that Jaden will also be a part of it.