Glee Season 3 will be airing it’s finale on May 22. But only yesterday, the lovely Lea Michele was seen in a bright orange coat on top of a white dress with her signature knee-high socks paired with colorful high-heels.

Lea found herself emotional as she was on the set of the show to wrap the season up. She needed to shoot a few more scenes as Rachel Berry with her co-stars Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer while the rest of the cast have finished their scenes days before. After the shoot, she said her goodbyes to her stellar team. She is indeed happy and proud to be working with an amazing group of people as seen on her tweets.

While a lot of viewers are eager to see the finale of the show, they can treat themselves to a two hour special on Tuesday for the props/nationals double episode which features an appearance of Lindsay Lohan.