Khloe Kardashian have cleared the rumours on the Khloe and Lamar show. A branch from the franchise; Keeping up with the Kardashians, said that the show have been placed on pause and not cancelled.

The couple mutually decided to take a break from airing the series because they felt the need to focus on other personal and professional matters. They feel like they have been booked to do so many shows that they need to take time out and breathe.

Lamar has experienced a number of rough events since the show started to air. First, he was traded off from The Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks. Because of this, he and Khloe moved to Texas. But quite recently, Lamar decided to sever ways with his new team just shortly after signing on with them. Lamar however hopes to play basketball in the Olympics for the summer games and return to the NBA for the next season.  He also said that he and Khloe both want to be happy and that they will return to the show when it’s the right time.

Khloe, as a Kardashian have a lot of things going for her. And it is certain that she is not leaving reality TV anytime soon. The Kardashians have recently signed a $40 million deal to add three more seasons to “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.   There’s surely a lot more to see of Khloe and the rest of her clan on reality TV. 

 So let her and Lamar be, they have a lot on their plate but they will still be around for more shows. They just need a break.