Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are proud to announce that they have become parents of a healthy baby girl named Maxwell Drew who was born last Tuesday. The baby girl was born weighing 9 lbs. and 13 oz. at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center in Los Angles where several celebrity moms have also checked in to deliver their little treasures. Known for its celebrity birthing suites, it is reported that Jessica’s night luxury suite is priced at $3784 per night. Very pricy!  

Now that Jessica has delivered her baby, the couple expressed their emotions on this precious event. In an interview, they mentioned that they are elated with the birth of their newborn and they have described it as the greatest experience of their lives. Acknowledging this, their family and friends continue to send their congratulations to the happy couple and welcome little Maxwell into the world.  Her ex, Nick Lachey even sent a large basket of pink and white cookies to congratulate her!

Now, what’s next for Jessica?

Firstly, she will definitely be nursing her little angel but as many have mentioned, she will also be working on getting her sexy body back! Her weight gain during pregnancy was noted by the public eye but she has been very mature about the situation and have ignored all the comments she received about it. No statement has been released as to how she’s going to lose the pounds but as a much admired singer, trainers will definitely be lining up her front door to work with her.  It won’t be long ‘til we see new photos of Jessica showing off her curves and other gorgeous features as a result of a diet she took and the work-out training she received.

Secondly, there are talks about Jessica and Eric’s wedding.  Jessica and Eric have been engaged since November 2010 and this has definitely been a long engagement. They have decided to push the wedding at a later date as they focused their thoughts and energy on the arrival of their baby. The couple have not given a specific date for their wedding just yet but of course, their fans expect to see Jessica all slimmed down as she walks down the aisle in a beautiful white dress.

Right now, the public have a close watch on the development of three individuals. There’s Jessica, Eric, and of course the newest baby celebrity; Maxwell Drew. We expect to see Maxwell Drew in cute little outfits as she joins the club of celebrity babies and toddlers.