Recently appearing in an Ellen episode, Jessica takes the time to let her fans know how she keeps her marriage with Cash Warren afloat since they became parents.


What’s the secret? It’s keeping a schedule.


During her first pregnancy, Jessica definitely had a lot of questions which is why she took comfort in the company and knowledge of her friends who are no longer first time moms. She was tipped by her friend Kelly that it’s best to keep a schedule.


They keep a schedule for everything and stick to it. Like a bedtime for their children, alone time, their dates with each other. Jessica agreed that it takes away some of the excitement

that was there from their pre-parental days but all of it is just part of growth and that it actually adds or helps keep their romance alive. 


Jessica admits to the fact that she’s 30 and that she’s a mom.

She knows that some things are bound to change. but she takes comfort on the small things her hubby does for her like taking care of feedings at night, playing with the kids at the park, and sending her flowers when she’s away for work.