Spotted in Santa Monica, Halle Berry enjoys some retail therapy and runs into a good friend; Ben Affleck. Before parting ways, the two shared smiles and exchanged hugs. Luckily, photos were taken to support this!

In recent news, Halle Berry loses it when she found some paparazzi in her daughter’s preschool. She had an exchange of words with the photographer who just shouted at her and told her that he also has a right to make a living while the actress makes millions!  On top of this, Berry is also spending time in the courtroom for custody trials of her daughter and ex husband Aubry. The media is all over that too.

Halle Berry has been very vocal about her plans to move to Paris where privacy laws are strict. She just certainly cannot take more of the shutterbugs in places where she just wants to enjoy some quality time with her daughter and others whom she loves.