Just a few days ago, Brad Pitt confirmed that he is now the face for Chanel No. 5. But just quite recently, Boss too made an announcement to reveal its new endorser for its latest fragrance.

Gwyneth Paltrow will be appearing on TV, print, and online ads for Hugo Boss’ Nit Pour Femme. According to Gerd Von Podewils; the Global Marketing Director for the brand; Gwyneth is the perfect complement to Boss fragrances.

Gwyneth accepts this project with much thrill and excitement. She says that her views of the Boss woman is driven, ambitious and someone who goes after what she wants but with a balance of being strong and feminine at the same time. She adds that these are the things that she is striving for in her life. Well, then. Gwyneth truly is the perfect complement for Boss Fragrances!