Jessica Alba was at the Outstanding Mother Awards in New York City last May 10. She was charming and appeared radiant in her Narciso Rodriguez dress which has fashionably matched by her Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Successful both in her career and family life, Jessica mentioned that her key to making everything work is keeping a schedule. She and her husband Cash are committed to meeting everything on their schedule with the kids, work, and with each other. Now, keeping a schedule is a solid advice in keeping a marriage work but there are days like mother’s day when something ‘extra’ gets inserted to the schedule to make someone feel extra special.

Jessica has started a business called The Honest Company. and she is encouraging everyone to get a subscription to it as a mother’s day present. She created the company because as a mom, she is concerned about poorly regulated household and baby products. She figured that it would be a great help to a mother and to her family  to have a service that conveniently delivers essential products  from skincare to home cleaning products.

A subscription to the Honest Company is worth $34.95 per month. This is already a simple yet luxurious gift to a mother who can cross off a list of items from her list of things to do or things to buy for the next 6 months.