The tenth season of Three and a Half Men should have started differently. Though many are loving the new flavor added to show with the presence of Ashton Kutcher, many are still asking for Charlie Sheen’s comeback!

Charlie didn’t get the chance to say goodbye on the show but the Series did air a funeral for ¬†him. In that episode, it was mentioned that Charlie died ¬†because he was hit by a train. His remains were not viewable and so they had a closed coffin during the ceremony.

Charlie has wished Ashton goodluck with the show knowing fully well that the ratings are taking a hit and that it’s up to Ashton to raise it. After all, he is being paid $700,000 per episode.

But if fans of Charlie Sheen could have things their way, Season 1o of Two and A Half Men should have started with Charlie Sheen still on the show. They would definitely love to see Charlie come back and say that he just had a horrible dream from getting so drunk!